03 I 10 I 2013     Competition Maly Trostinec, 2nd price

Give names to the dead ones!
Nowhere were so many Austrian victims of the Shoah murdered as in Maly Trostinec. Even so, this spot near Minsk in White Russia, and the crimes perpetrated there, is virtually unknown in Austria. In the memory of more than 13,000 Austrian victims of the Shoa which were murdered in Maly Trostinec the aim of the competiton is to make all names visible.

The project suggests to create a wind organ. Each "organ pipe" symbolizes one murdered person, the name is written on the pipe. Each pipe has its own tone, all together form a sound cloud. All murdered people are made visible and AUDIBLE in a symbolic way.
Give voices to the dead ones!

28 I 05 I 2013  -  07 I 10 I 2013 exhibition at Bakaliko

Paintings from the series 'black needles' are shown at Bakaliko
location: Bakaliko, Lendplatz 1, 8020 Graz, Austria
duration of the exhibition: may 2013 - october 2013

01 | 03 | 2013     slide show about Africa by Jutta and Andreas

Nowadays IT is important to succeed economically and to take part in global trade.
Once a year Jutta Becker and Andreas Otto travel to Africa (Rwanda, Burundi) to bring computers and to teach how to use them.
Apart from that money from the little fund-raising compaign before their journey was used to support a children's home in a little rwandan village called Yove. Jutta and Andreas themselves bought the basic equipment like mattresses, cups and thermos jugs. THANKS A LOT. (and hopefully again)

20 I 12 I 2012     Midissage atelier sus at Freie Galerie

atelier sus's exhibition of 'Black Leaves' is taking place at Freie Galerie in Graz (until January 15th 2013)
artists do have the possibility to present paintings for about 4 weeks.
'black leaves' is a collage of natural materials (leaves of lilies) dipped into black colour. The idea is to create an optical illusion when watching the white centre.

05 I 07 I 2012     Vernissage of atelier sus at Forum Stadtpark

Nicht nur gekocht wurde bei der Forumküche am 4. Juli 2012 im Forum Stadtpark, auch Bilder von atelier sus und son wurden im Rahmen der Veranstaltung ausgestellt...